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Thundertruck was developed by Wolfgang’s newly formed IP division, which focuses on incubating ideas, products and properties that create positive impact.

With offices in LA, NYC and access to a global team of specialists, Wolfgang has the ability to support an entire product development program. From research and strategy to initial sketches and first prototypes, all the way to advertising launch campaigns and content creation.

The Beginning

When COVID first hit, people were looking for ways to occupy their time. Instead of baking bread or making puzzles we decided to make a new state-of-the-art EV truck.

While this was not your typical lockdown activity, our core team had worked in and around the automotive industry for the past 25+ years, so it was something we're more than qualified to take on.

Comfortable with remote working, we quickly identified and assembled an international team of top automotive designers, sculptors, engineers, research consultants and marketers. Given that the auto industry had been hit hard by the global pandemic, securing top talent was made easier.

This was the perfect opportunity for all involved to showcase their skills and expertise. Having an “open brief” would allow us to push the boundaries of what’s possible. With a little imagination and a team of global experts we set out to show the world what an EV could be.

As we started to do initial research, we quickly noticed a white space in the future of the EV marketplace. There are more than 30 new Electric Vehicles in various stages from concept to production, slated for launch in the next two years. But very few pickup trucks. And most of the trucks that are coming look conventional and uninspired.

team Thundertruck

Dean Block

With 18 years of experience in Automotive Design industry, Dean was head designer of Thundertruck concept, from initial sketches to coordinating a 3D modelling team.

“Inspired by Australia’s extreme outback, I wanted to create the most tough, military style off-roader I could imagine, that would still look awesome on city roads”.

Harsha Ravi

Drawing on over 13 years in Automotive Design, highly talented, Harsha helped as a Project Advisor on the Thundertruck.

“Thundertruck’s interior seeks to strike a balance between elements that are robotic and robust, and those that are relaxing”.

Andrew van der Merwe

Andrew has over 11 years’ experience in Automotive design and Visualization and helped set the tone, look and feel of the project, and designed the Thundertruck logo.

“Through my background in automotive design, architectural visualisation and film, I have worked across real-time photorealistic visualisation, A-class 3D modelling and virtual reality”

Buzzby Gray

Buzzby conducted market research and formed ideas around our project and helped with the UI, UX aspects of Thundertruck.

“Discovering problems and designing solutions is my favourite activity. I've lost days researching user needs and behaviours, trends, markets and emerging practices... sometimes I get so lost I forget to eat!”

Justin Reeves

Justin is a 3D modelling and Automotive design guru, helping to model the interior of Thundertruck in record speed!

“Industrial Designer and surface modeler with over 20 years’ experience. Passionate about innovation, new ideas and creating a better future through design”.

Michael Luzar

Expert in CAD surface Modelling, design development and visualisation. Michael helped model the 6 Wheel concepts and exterior camping solutions on Thundertruck.

“I am always eager to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to discover new skills and capabilities to find new ways to diversify my skill range”.

James Buffinton

James is an experienced off-road adventurer and a design professional with 23 years’ experience. James had some fantastic ideas during concept development and assisted with the front bar work and many of the critical 4x4 accessories.

“Extreme conditions require forward thought to make life comfortable. The Thundertruck is a more than capable machine that is designed for serious off-roading and touring”.

Seema Miller

As a business and brand strategist, Seema has been finding uncommon insights and ideas for over 20 years for clients like Kia Motors, Adidas, Proctor & Gamble, McDonald's, Target, and UNIQLO. She believes that strategy is about being grounded in data but guided by humanity. This openness fuels creativity and leads to unique and effective solutions.

“It is common for EV’s to focus on efficiency and city driving. Tesla redefined it by replacing efficiency with luxury. But no one has taken an EV out of domesticated city life and into the wild.”

Colin Jeffery

Over the past 23 years Colin has created some of the world’s most effective and awarded automotive advertising for VW, Kia, Toyota, Lexus, BMW and Land Rover. He’s won numerous creative accolades, multiple Effies and was awarded Nielson’s Automotive Ad of the Year, two years in a row. His Kia Hamster campaign includes one of the 20 most viewed commercials of all time, according to AdWeek.

“There’s this preconceived idea of what a truck should be. Drawing on years of combined experience we set out to completely rethink things. And all that rethinking led us to, Thundertruck.”

Mike Geiger

For more than 20 years Mike has been leading multidisciplinary teams in strategy, branding, production and development of cutting-edge new media and creative content. He has extensive automotive experience having spent years working with Chevy, Kia and Hyundai.

“This is a pivotal time for the auto industry and our environment. Thundertruck was designed to spark people’s imaginations and show them just how exciting and powerful an EV truck can be.”

Ian Beavis

Ian has worked across the globe in the automotive category for over 30 years in Product Development, Research, Training, Sales, Distribution, Pricing, Marketing and Public Affairs. His career has spanned senior executive positions at OEM's, Creative and Media Agencies, Research and Consultants. At some point in his career, he has worked for or with virtually every existing auto brand and helped launch several new ones.

“The Thundertruck is a unique take on what is possible when you put the buyer at the center of the circle. It is a truck that looks and performs like nothing else on the planet.”

Special thanks to....

Jake Latimer

3D Visualization expert


Automotive production 3D modelling specialist

Andrey Shramenko

Concept artist

Simon Colabufalo

Design and Visualization

Special mention to Chris, Lee, Krista, Julian, Aaron, James, Dave, Matt, Burns, Graham, Calvin, DAK, Shaun Whale and a few others!